CREDO: A Course for The Curious

This is an opportunity for people who want to learn about Christianity to meet with others to explore what Christians believe about God, and the way Christians understand life.

  • So if you have ever wondered what goes on in the church down the road
  • Have ever wonderedwhy the name of Jesus is still on people’s lips 2000 years after his death
  • Have ever wondered why Christianity still attracts thousands of new converts every day
  • Have ever wondered if there is more to the end of life than death
  • AND would welcome an opportunity to hear about and discuss Christanity    ….  THEN CREDO

Over the seven sessions participants meet:-

– for something to eat.
– to watch a video talk or listen to a presentation.
– to ask questions and discuss a theme in small groups.

These sessions try to answer some questions:-

1.    Was the world ‘made’ or thrown together by chance- and how do we fit in?
2.    Who was Jesus and what sort of person was he?
3.    Why is the cross the Christian symbol?
4.    Can anyone take the resurection seriously?
5.    Can you be ‘in touch’ with God now?
6.    What’s the Church for and what’s in it for me?
7.    What will heaven be like?

Session Notes.

Each of the seven sessions concludes with  a ‘take away sheet’ being given to the participants.

The 2011 programme included a visit to The Mater Ecclesiae Convent in Street Ashton, Rugby. This lasted a full day with Fr Mark and Fr Brian running sessions 5 and 6. The group also participated in  Morning Prayer, Mass and Evening Prayer.