Abbey Archive – Part 3

This Page will display new material as it becomes available.


The photograph of the Clergy, Choir and Servers comes from 1940.  This photograph is a hand coloured copy.  The photograph was taken by Dudleys, whose business was then run from a studio at 63 Abbey Street.  The photograph was coloured by Nancy Noon, better known to many people by her married name, Nancy Savage.  Nancy may well have also taken the photograph.

This coloured copy was given to Rev Mackley and was returned to the Abbey by the Churchwardens of his last parish at Harbury this year.  It had been left behind when he retired from Harbury in 1983.

We are delighted to have this copy and thank Michael Williams for having it framed, it will hang in the Choir Vestry.

 Stained Glass. A history of the Abbey Stained glass, compiled by Wendy Williams, together with background notes on the doners, manufacturers and designers is available as a PDF download. This file is 6.4Mb in size so will take a little time to download to your computer. CLICK HERE to begin download.

Donated Items. Wendy also compiled a history of items donated to St. Marys such as the Rood Screen, Stations of the Cross and Millenium Panels as well as many others. CLICK HERE to download.


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